Holder for Attorney General: Bad, But It Could Be Much Worse

President-elect Obama is poised to appoint Eric Holder as the next attorney general. I have mixed feelings about this.

On the one hand, Holder blatantly lied during the Elian Gonzalez fiasco. And he schemed to bring about the infamous pardon by Bill Clinton of fugitive financier Marc Rich, to the dismay of federal prosecutors and disgust of even hard-core Clinton supporters and liberal lawmakers.

On the other hand, his being appointed reduces the likelihood that a wacko like Charles Ogletree, the Harvard law professor described in the press as Obama’s top advisor on criminal justice and racial issues, will be appointed attorney general. We wrote earlier about Ogletree’s claims that America is a racist country that brought on 9/11 through its stupidity.

Holder’s appointment would also forestall the appointment of Deval Patrick, an advocate of racial quotas, baseless lawsuits, and censorship, who some had predicted would be the next attorney general.

However, the Washington Post and Boston Globe have predicted that Patrick may be appointed by Obama to the Supreme Court. He could do far more harm on the Supreme Court than as attorney general.