How the Government Could Save Move-And Protect Workers

By Trey Kovacs, Townhall.comROCUNITEDlogo-2db2df-150px

In this era of sequestration, why is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) awarding millions in grants to an organization under Congressional investigation?

The group in question is the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC), a union-backed “nonprofit” organization that bills itself as providing a path towards upward mobility and a better life for restaurant workers. Yet it is under investigation over charges of alleged multiple health violations, and is notorious for exploiting vulnerable members of society and intimidating restaurant owners.

Initially ROC’s purpose was to help the displaced restaurant workers from the World Trade Center. However, since then, it has transformed into a highly political and aggressive front group for UNITE-HERE set on “organizing the more than 160,000 restaurant workers” in New York City.