Improvement of the Breed?

Of course, Greg, it’s worth noting that the organizations you refer to appear to be largely falling down in their efforts to improve their breeds. I’d predict that, particularly in horse racing, we’ll ultimately see a lot of cloned animals competing.

At least in horse racing, horses clearly have stopped getting better. The times for Kentucky Derby winners have been more-or-less stable since the 1950s. The all-time derby record still dates back to 1974 and, of course, we haven’t had a Triple Crown winner since 1978. Race horses may be getting too inbred: all thoroughbreds, of course, trace their bloodlines to one of three stallions brought to England in the 17th and 18th centuries. Dogs may be getting “better” by the largely physical standards of dog shows but most purebred dogs are really, really stupid. (We had a purebred pug who liked to run in circles. . .in the street. . .in front of cars.)

I want me a racehorse clone.