In re Apple MagSafe Power Adapter Litigation oral argument in the Ninth Circuit Tuesday

Class counsel collected $3.1 million in the Apple MagSafe Power Adapter Litigation, but their putative clients received less than $900,000, and perhaps even less than $500,000—the district court never bothered to make findings. The settlement was structured to pay the attorneys double their lodestar but make it difficult for class members to make claims, and few of them did. We represent objector Marie Newhouse, who received $0 under the settlement, and appeals the approval of the self-dealing settlement and the district court’s imposition of a punitive appeal bond. We’ve also moved for sanctions in response to class counsel Mehri & Skalet’s Rule 28(j) letter that claimed Newhouse had never made an argument that was in her first issue presented.

The oral argument will be webcast live starting sometime between 10:15 and 11 am Pacific time Tuesday on the San Francisco Courtroom 1 camera; the link will be on the front page of the Ninth Circuit website, and we’ll update this post with a link to the podcast of the argument after the Ninth puts it on the site.

Update: oral argument is online.