In re HP Inkjet Printer Litigation class action settlement objection

If I were to buy a three-pack of color ink for my inkjet printer today, it would cost me $42.99 at and $36.99 at That’s not a big deal—unless HP is trying to settle a class action by giving class members $2 coupons that can only be used at (and can’t be transferred or stacked, and expire in six months). And even if the coupon was larger (some class members get $7 coupons) HP makes much more money selling ink at than at, all else being equal: this is a marketing program for them. And the attorneys are claiming that they’re entitled to $2.9 million for such a lame settlement because the coupons are “worth” $5 million. And even if one attributed full face value to the coupons (which the parties try mightily hard to not call coupons), I strongly suspect far less than $5 million of coupons will be claimed or redeemed.

The Center filed an objection today in the Northern District of California. Kabateck Brown Kellner, who we’ve seen before in the $0 AOL settlement and the $117k settlement, are among the lead attorneys in this ripoff as well.

Objections are due January 3. If you’re a class member (and most people who purchased HP inkjet printers in the last nine years are, and there are tens of millions of them out there), you can file a claim or object at the settlement website; this settlement nicely permits emails if you prefer objecting that way.