Insourcing Brings Jobs Home–So Much for the Great Sucking Sound From Free Trade!

One reason trade is said to be a bad thing is because jobs are “outsourced” overseas.  Never mind that more new jobs have been created than lost in recent decades.  The visible effects create political lobbies.  The largely invisible results of free trade are usually ignored.

Now, however, we see “insourcing.”  Reports ABC News:

But some experts say there is a bright spot on the jobs front: At least a handful of American companies who had relied on workers stationed overseas are now bringing jobs back to the United States. In addition, foreign companies are continuing to expand U.S. operations and hiring more local residents, instead of flying in foreign staff for business.

It’s called “insourcing” or “reverse outsourcing.” It’s the opposite of outsourcing, the oft-criticized practice of American companies’ shipping jobs abroad to take advantage of lower labor costs and other incentives.

Some observers are skeptical that insourcing is yet a significant trend, and one pointed out to ABC News that it cannot easily be seen in economic numbers — but others see anecdotal cases where it appears to be happening.

Do ya’ think the critics of free trade will now endorse this free international economic system which is creating jobs in America?