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OpenMarket: Health and Safety

  • New CEI Report: Making Sure a COVID-19 Vaccine Is Used

    October 15, 2020
    One or more COVID-19 vaccines will likely be approved in the next few months. But this scientific achievement may prove to be the easy part. Having a vaccine available does not ensure that people will use it. A new CEI report examines what can be done to encourage vaccine use, the likelihood that voluntary consent will be adequate, the legal constraints on mandatory vaccination programs, and if and how such a program could be targeted in a way that maximizes public health while respecting individual rights, including religious objections.
  • Air Conditioning Can Help Fight COVID-19—If Federal Policy Allows It To

    July 2, 2020
    COVID-19 persists into the time of year when most Americans rely on air conditioning, so many are asking whether cranking up the cold air helps or hurts in the fight against spreading the virus. The answer is that air conditioning can provide substantial protection from coronavirus, but we need to make sure that the federal government’s pursuit of energy efficiency and climate change policy is not an impediment.
  • Perverse Psychology: How Anti-Vaping Campaigns Backfired

    June 17, 2020
    We have spent years and countless billions trying to deal with the supposed epidemic of youth vaping. It has only gotten worse. A new CEI study investigates why teen vaping suddenly has skyrocketed after years of anti-vaping messaging campaigns by governments and health groups. The conclusion in the paper is that youth vaping increased not despite anti-vaping efforts, but because of them. 
  • #NeverNeed Regulations and the Coronavirus

    June 11, 2020
    What is the appropriate public policy response to COVID-19 crisis? In a new short video, Kent Lassman makes the case for lifting government barriers that block people’s ingenuity and ability to fight the coronavirus. For lifting restrictions on access to health care providers and treatments. And for removing regulations that block access to capital for businesses or that stop them from hiring people.
  • Green Activists Make Highly Dubious Claims about CPSC Nominee Nancy Beck

    June 9, 2020
    Left-of-center activists are opposing toxicologist Nancy Beck's nomination to head up the Consumer Product Safety Commission. They suggest that since she once worked for the American Chemistry Council, she has willingly engaged in a coverup to allow chemical products on the market that pose unreasonable health risks. This assumption is wrongheaded for many reasons.
  • Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids: Anti-Drug Warriors’ Crocodile Tears

    June 8, 2020
    There is a lot to say about the heinous killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police and no shortage of opinions being offered. Many have been attempts to boost political agendas. But of the disingenuous offers of sympathy with the black community, there is one type that should be rejected: those from anti-drug warriors, who have contributed to destroying generations of black lives and families.
  • A New Approach to COVID-19 Response

    May 14, 2020
    The new coronavirus—SARS-CoV-2, which causes the disease COVID-19—is here to stay until either a vaccine or herd immunity limits the number of people susceptible to transmission. A vaccine is a year or more away. So why do we continue to pursue lockdowns that ensure herd immunity will never develop and the virus will continue to fester?
  • VIDEO: Road Map to Reopening

    April 16, 2020
    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce hosted a fascinating video conference this week entitled “Big Picture: Road Map to Reopening,” with the Chamber’s Suzanne Clark and Dr. William Hanage, an infectious disease epidemiologist at Harvard’s Chan School of Public Health. The event offered some useful observations beyond “more research is needed.”
  • Apple and Google Demonstrate Big Tech Done Right Can Make Big Government Obsolete

    April 16, 2020
    Many see the purpose of government as solving problems that otherwise wouldn’t be efficiently addressed in its absence. Yet, despite the steady growth of government, technological advances have rendered many functions of government obsolete. In the present COVID-19 crisis, big tech is proving that even the most daunting problems are no longer the exclusive dominion of government.
  • Medical Supply Sterilization Plant Employee Corrects Chicago Tribune’s Misleading Coverage

    April 14, 2020
    An April 13 letter to the editor in the Chicago Tribune addresses the paper’s misleading and alarmist narrative about the use of ethylene oxide (EtO). The letter’s author is a far more credible expert on the topic than the Tribune journalists; therefore, it deserves some attention.


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