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OpenMarket: Morality of Capitalism

  • Fighting for Small Business: Whiskey Edition

    December 6, 2018
    This week marks the 85th anniversary of the end of Prohibition, and we still have a lot to learn from that dismal experiment in government overreach. As my colleague Michelle Minton points out, many states still make it impossible to purchase alcohol on Christmas, New Year’s Day, and other festive holidays. And the prohibitionist impulse is hardly confined to brewed, fermented, and distilled beverages. As our old video from 2007 points out, the government is working feverishly in the present day to forbid everything from plastic bags and bull terriers to trans fats and sagging pants.  
  • Don't Blame Google for a Feature Consumers Want

    December 6, 2018
    It’s very rare I disagree with the great freedom-loving journalist John Stossel, but his column at Townhall this week made me raise an eyebrow. In it, he criticizes Google and its platform YouTube for having “power they shouldn’t have.” He was concerned that YouTube would “not allow” his new video, “Socialism Leads to Violence” to be viewed by young people. After his complaint, Google apparently lifted the restriction.
  • New Ideas for Addressing Poverty and Inequality

    November 30, 2018
    While the political headlines this week are dominated by a public feud between the Secretary of the Interior and the likely incoming chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, there are some people in Washington, D.C. who are still working on serious public policy issues.
  • Freedom and Whiskey Go Together

    November 15, 2018
    Recently Dave Sussman of the show Whiskey Politics featured myself and my old pals Drew Tidwell and Helen Straight of Passing Lane Films on his show to discuss the Competitive Enterprise Institute film: “I, Whiskey: The Human Spirit.”
  • Happy 50th Anniversary to Reason

    November 9, 2018
    Congratulations to our friends at Reason magazine (and the Reason Foundation) on their golden anniversary. Some members of the Competitive Enterprise Institute team were recently out on the West Coast for the festivities, and returned refreshed and ready for another 50 years of free minds and free markets.
  • Wealth in Disguise: Why Halloween Costumes Are Better Than Ever

    November 2, 2018

    Before we bid farewell to Halloween week 2018 for good, let’s take a chance to glean an economic lesson from the piles of candy, cardboard skeletons, and saucy seasonal outfits. Our friends at the Foundation for Economic Education have the perfect video for the occasion, which reflects the rising living standards around us and one the main reasons for their rise: specialization.  

  • Mapping Public Policy Wins at the State Level

    October 19, 2018

    The fine folks at the State Policy Network deserve well-earned congratulations on the completion of yet another successful annual meeting, this year co-sponsored by the Sutherland Institute and Libertas Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • Help the Poor by Making Their Lives Less Expensive

    October 19, 2018

    The Cato Institute’s Ryan Bourne has a great new study (and accompanying video) out about social welfare, government spending, and regulatory reform.

  • A Toast to the Sears Catalog

    October 18, 2018

    In retail, as in every industry, eras come and go. Few recent events mark the passing of an era like the announced bankruptcy of Sears. That the company that ruled brick-and-mortar and mail order would be felled by online retail and nimbler competitors isn’t surprising. What is unusual is for Sears’ reign to have lasted as long as it did.

  • David Henderson (1927-2018), RIP

    October 16, 2018

    We are sad to note the death of our good friend and strong ally, David Henderson, on September 30th in London.  After a career as an academic economist and top economist at international institutions, including as head of economics at the OECD, David became a public defender of free markets and classical liberal economics and a most perceptive critic of corporate social responsibility.    


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