It’s a Dynamic Economy, Stupid!

Think the world’s economy can be managed by political leaders and experts?  The rate at which the world is changing and at which our knowledge is increasing demands a decentralized system—better known as free markets.

Check out this video by Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, and Jeff Brenman which includes several interesting facts such as:

  • China will soon be the number one English speaking country in the world
  • If MySpace were a country it’d be the fifth largest country in the world
  • 31 billion Google searches are done each month, up from 2.7 billion in 2006
  • The first commercial text message was sent in 1992, the total sent each day now exceeds the entire human population of Earth
  • It took radio 38 years to gain an audience of 50 million, it took Facebook only 2 years

Here’s a link to the video in Windows Media Video format, please comment if you find a Flash version that can be embedded.