Liberal Bootlicking

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus recently visited Cuba and licked Casto’s boots, calling him an “inspiring” visionary and an “amazing human being.” (Never mind that racism against people of African heritage is far more pervasive in Cuba than here. Much of Cuba’s population is black. But how many of Cuba’s Communist leaders are black? Almost none. It’s no accident.)

The Obama Administration has broken campaign promises repeatedly and lied about a Supreme Court case that it made a big campaign issue.

Now, as Charles Krauthammer notes in the Washington Post, Obama is going through Europe, badmouthing the U.S. to try and curry favor with the European public. European leaders have responded by stiffing Obama and giving him none of what he asked for (like assistance in Afghanistan). Obama said there must consequences, not just empty words, against North Korea for shooting a missile over Japan, even as he voiced only empty words (“Rules must be binding. Violations must be punished. Words must mean something,” he said). The only concrete defense proposal Obama made is to cut the U.S.’s stockpile of nukes and eliminate Alaskan missile defense systems that might be useful against North Korean missiles. As Obama explains, only the U.S. has ever used nuclear weapons.

Meanwhile, in a gaffe that most of the press chose not to report, Vice President Biden thanked Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero for his support in Iraq — even though Zapatero is anti-American and not only pulled Spain’s troops out of Iraq, but called on other European leaders assisting the U.S. to stop doing so.

With the U.S. government unable to even remember who its friends and enemies are, it’s perhaps not surprising that Somali pirates have been emboldened to kidnap American seamen and seize our ships in the crucial shipping lanes leading to the Suez Canal. CEI’s Eli Lehrer has come up with a creative solution for the pirate problem.