Liberty Dollar Office Raided

The Evansville Courier brings us a story that should be disheartening to libertarians and anyone who respects the right to own private property. The Liberty Dollar office have been raided, their assets seized, their records confiscated, and the dies for casting the alternative currency are now in the hands of U.S. officials.

It seems like an innocent enough activity, stamping out a few silver dollars, but the U.S. treasury will have none of it. After all, with that mess in Iraq solved, the war on terror won, the immigration issue behind us, and our school kids outscoring every country in the world, it’s time to start tending to these other major problems.

While I still trust in the fiat-based greenbacks, I have a soft spot for our coin stamping friends in Evansville. I hope they get their day in court and get back what’s rightfully theirs.