Marrying to Fight Global Warming

What to do about global warming? The usual ideologues and activists are busy at the latest international conclave in Bali. Needless to say, there are worse places where the U.N. could host a meeting dedicated to saving the environment.

The Indonesian government has come up with a unique program: People can help ameliorate global warming by getting married. Reports the BBC:

State-run Antara news agency reported that couples will have to supply seedlings or pay 25,000 rupiah ($3, £1.30) under the compulsory scheme.

Couples applying for a divorce face a higher charge of 25 seedlings or over 40,000 rupiah ($4.25,£2).

District officials say the programme is aimed at combating global warming.

Couples will be expected to hand over the seedlings or cash to the person officiating at their wedding.

“The money will then be used to buy tree seedlings which would have to be planted in the area where the couple live,” said district head Untung Wiyono.

Indonesia has staged several tree planting events in recent months, in the run-up to a key UN climate conference in Bali which takes place this fortnight.

It’s an idea that has infinite possibilities. Want to borrow a book from the library? Pay to plant a new tree. Want a driver’s license renewed? Bring along a sapling. Want your tax refund? Check the box that adds a surtax for global warming research. Want to have a child? Well, you get the idea.

The only wonder is that no one apparently has tried the idea yet in America.