More Hypocrisy Regarding FTC Blog Regulations

Michael Masnick at Techdirt offers up another incidence of government inconsistency in light of the FTC’s blog-watching rules, reminding us that “clinical research on drugs isn’t even remotely trustworthy, as it all-too-often seems to involve doctors who have serious conflicts.”

Doctors with conflicts-of-interest, who push and promote certain drugs while receiving all kinds of goodies from pharmaceutical companies, seems, at the very least, like a more justifiable place for regulators to stick their noses (although there’s definitely an argument to be made about the medical industry being over-regulated already). Forgive me if it’s difficult to digest the claim  that a mommy blogger with a free bottle of toilet bowl cleaner is somehow a bigger menace to the public than a doctor who pushes his patients into clinical trials without disclosing his “material relationship” with the drug maker.