Morning Media Summary


LimeWire Resurrected By Secret Dev Team:
“Last month, the Gnutella-based file-sharing client LimeWire was effectively outlawed after a U.S. federal judge granted a request from the RIAA to shut the software down. Now, not even a month later, LimeWire is back as good as new. Not only has a secret dev team reanimated the hugely popular client, but they have also made a few significant changes which make it better and more streamlined than before.”

Linux: Does Being Competitive with Windows Matter?:
“How many times have you heard this statement: “It’s the year of the Linux desktop.” Not recently? Then how about “Linux is making gains on the Windows desktop”? Still leaving a bad taste in your mouth? Bet I know why.”

‘Net pioneers: Open Internet should be separate:
“The U.S. Federal Communications Commission should allow for an open Internet separate from specialised services that may prioritise IP traffic, a group of Internet and technology pioneers have recommended.”

Global Warming / Environment / Energy:

Video: I’m a Denier:
“Our friends at Minnesotans for Global Warming have a new theme song for the Republicans in charge of the House in next year’s Congress. With the GOP poised to take control, the cap-and-trade bill looks all but dead, and the EPA enforcement of its endangerment finding may soon lack any funds. M4GW reworks the old Neil Diamond song written for The Monkees, “I’m a Believer,” into something a little more appropriate:”

Insurance / Gambling:

Man who launched online poker winning accepts time-served plea deal:
“He was the target of a federal investigation into money laundering, accused of funneling millions of dollars in Internet poker gambling winnings through dozens of bank accounts.”

Health / Safety:

Look out, your medicine is watching you:
“The initial program will use one of the Swiss firm’s established drugs taken by transplant patients to avoid organ rejection. But Trevor Mundel, global head of development, believes the concept can be applied to many other pills.”

STD Test? There’s an App for That:
“British health officials are hard at work on a new app that will allow users to pee into their cell phones and find out within minutes if they have an STD.”

New nutrition rules may be no party for students:
“The cake, cookies and candy at the school parties you might remember will become a no-no if the state approves new nutrition guidelines.”

Anti-Smoking Programs Are Slashed:
“Many cash-strapped U.S. states are slashing budgets for tobacco-prevention programs, raising alarms among public-health groups as the nation’s progress toward getting adult smokers to quit has stalled.”


Big Nanny Bloomberg’s latest initiative: Govt-sponsored fashion jobs:
“Not satisfied with taxing carbon, soda, and salt, Big Nanny NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is sticking government’s nose into yet another area it doesn’t belong — and isn’t needed.”


First interview with NPR CEO Vivian Schiller on Juan Williams filing:
“Q: Could NPR live without federal funding?”

NPR’s defenders receiving money from the same Soros-backed organization:
“After NPR fired Juan Williams in late October for comments he made about Muslims on Fox News’ “O’Reilly Factor,” NPR
saw supporters come out of the woodwork to decry right-leaning calls for the radio company to be stripped of government financial support. Interestingly, many of those who voiced their opinion that NPR should keep its government provided cash happen to receive funds from the same source: liberal financier George Soros and his Open Society Institute.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.: Keith Olbermann’s suspension means we can’t let Republicans own media companies:
“Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said he would look to block a merger between NBC and Comcast, citing the decision last week by MSNBC to suspend liberal anchor Keith Olbermann.”

China Bars Rights Lawyers From Leaving Country:
“Two prominent legal advocates bound for an international law conference in London were blocked from leaving China Tuesday on vague charges that their departure might endanger national security, the men said.”

Company Accused of Firing Over Facebook Post:
“In what labor officials and lawyers view as a ground-breaking case involving workers and social media, the National Labor Relations Board has accused a company of illegally firing an employee after she criticized her supervisor on her Facebook page.”

Worker rights extend to Facebook, labor board says:
“In what labor officials and lawyers view as a ground-breaking case involving workers and social media, the National Labor Relations Board has accused a company of illegally firing an employee after she criticized her supervisor on her Facebook page.”

The SEIU Assault on American Colleges and Universities:
“Unheralded and virtually unnoticed, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has been pushing its way into the halls of America’s universities and colleges. Not content to restrict its activities to food workers and non-supervisory personnel, the Union has moved on to organizing part-time faculty.”

Transportation/ Land Use:

Death of Wisconsin high-speed rail project will come at price, Doyle says:
“According to a statement issued yesterday by Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle, reported plans to end a high-speed rail project between Milwaukee and Madison will result in millions of rescinded and wasted funds, as well as hundreds of jobs lost in the state. Gov. Doyle’s statements come following public declarations by Governor-elect Scott Walker to end the federally financed project.”