Morning Media Summary


Facebook: Goldman Sachs excludes US investors from deal:

“Investors from outside America will be able to take part in the private placing of Facebook shares.”

Global Warming / Environment / Energy:

Labor Department awards millions of dollars in college grants for scarce ‘green jobs’:
“The Department of Labor has issued several million dollars in grants to community colleges and specialized universities around the country to train students for “green jobs” in renewable energy fields. While the grants are supposed to fund the future “rank and file” workers of the renewable energy industry, there’s a glaring problem the DOL seemingly overlooked — those jobs are either non-existent or scarce.”

Michaels: China-style dictatorship of climatologists:
“November’s election made it quite clear that the people of the United States do not want to radically change our society in the name of global warming. Pretty much every close House race went to the Republicans, while the Democrats won all the Senate squeakers. The difference? The House on June 26, 2009, passed a bill limiting carbon-dioxide emissions and getting into just about every aspect of our lives. The Senate did nothing of the sort.”

Insurance / Gambling:

SC Senate to discuss poker law:
“South Carolina Senators will discuss whether to loosen centuries-old gambling laws in the state when it opens session Tuesday.”

Health / Safety:

Democrats seek redo of health care pitch:
“Supporters of health care reform are hoping to use the GOP repeal effort this week to defend and explain the law, using a unified voice and a personal touch.”


A Roadmap Not Taken?:
“Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the GOP’s high priest of pecuniary politics, has ascended to the chairmanship of the House Budget Committee. Across the land, fiscal conservatives applaud the rise of the 40-year-old wonk. But the cheers in Congress are more sporadic: Unflinching endorsements of Ryan’s fiscal blueprint are rare. Apparently, the new majority is in no mood — yet — for a full-spectrum fight on entitlements.”

House GOP schedule slips on spending cuts:
“House Republicans are falling behind in their aggressive schedule and are unlikely to consider a major spending-cut bill this month. ”

Congress urged to raise debt limit:
“Threatening not to raise the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling — the amount of debt the country is legally allowed to issue — is “like playing with fire,” Democratic Senator Charles Schumer said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.””

‘Explosive’ Food Prices the Biggest Risk: Analyst:
“Overheating emerging markets, in China in particular, pose the biggest threat to the market and political situation in 2011 according to Philippe Gijsels, head of research at BNP Paribas Fortis Global Markets.”


Oklahoma family challenges Keystone oil pipeline:
“An Oklahoma family has launched a legal challenge against TransCanada Corp’s (TRP.TO: Quote) right to cross its land with the proposed $7 billion (C$6.9 billion) Keystone XL pipeline, arguing the line is not in the national interest.”

Traveling man’s gun arrest appealed to high court:
“Missed flights only inconvenience most people. A late flight landed Utah gun owner Greg Revell in jail for 10 days after he got stranded in New Jersey with an unloaded firearm he had legally checked with his luggage in Salt Lake City.”


Union to discuss job concerns at Derry City Council:
“Around 30 jobs are at risk because of plans to cut the number of council departments from seven to three.”

Transportation/ Land Use:

As Gov. Scott pauses, two studies question viability of high-speed rail project:
“Gov. Rick Scott’s decision to hit the pause button on high-speed rail in Florida has created a void that is quickly getting filled with reports questioning the viability of the project.”