Morning Media Summary


Two-thirds of U.S. Internet users lack fast broadband:
“Two-thirds of U.S. Internet connections are slower than 5 Mbps, putting the United States well behind speed leaders South Korea and Japan.”

Keep your opt-outs:
“Recently, the Federal Trade Commission and others have expressed interest in a “Do Not Track” mechanism that could offer users a simple way to opt out of personalized advertising. Advertising companies that are members of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) already let you opt out of tracking for the purposes of personalizing advertisements, and many online advertisers and trade associations have also joined a major self-regulatory effort to enforce a uniform privacy icon for ads, as well as opt-out guidelines.”

The Inside Story of How Facebook Responded to Tunisian Hacks:
“It was on Christmas Day that Facebook’s Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan first noticed strange things going on in Tunisia. Reports started to trickle in that political-protest pages were being hacked. “We were getting anecdotal reports saying, ‘It looks like someone logged into my account and deleted it,'” Sullivan said.”

Renewed Push to Give Obama an Internet “Kill Switch”:
“A controversial bill handing President Obama power over privately owned computer systems during a “national cyberemergency,” and prohibiting any review by the court system, will return this year.”

Global Warming / Environment / Energy:

Obama’s climate change czar leaving White House:
“This’ll be spun as part of the standard midterm turnover inside the administration, but the big difference between her and people like Axelrod and Gibbs is that they’ll be replaced. She might not be, for the simple reason that her portfolio is all but dead in the new Congress.”

Kerry: Obama to embrace ‘major initiatives’ on climate in SOTU:
“President Obama is likely to announce “major initiatives” on energy and climate change in his State of the Union address, Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) said Monday.”

Official inquiries into the ‘Climategate’ scandal ‘unsatisfactory’:
“The University of East Anglia set up two investigations into emails stolen from its Climatic Research Unit (CRU), which sceptics claimed showed scientists were willing to manipulate the science behind global warming.”

Insurance / Gambling:

Online Gambling Could Help Solve Issues In State Of The Union 2011:
“President Barack Obama will deliver the State of the Union address for 2011 tonight, and one of the hot topics being discussed will be job creation. Despite the words that will come out of Obama’s mouth from the prepared speech, US lawmakers have already turned away an opportunity to create thousands of jobs.”

Health / Safety:

Investing Obamacare Waiver-mania:
“The House GOP is stepping up to the plate. Newcomers on the congressional oversight subcommittee on health will probe the who, what, when, where, and why of the Obama administration’s HHS Obamacare waiver program.”


Staggering debt belies developed world’s ‘wealth’:
“Which country is the world’s wealthiest? When asked this question, economists generally refer to gross domestic product per capita. By this measure, according to the IMF, the top eight for 2010 are Luxemburg, Norway, Qatar, Switzerland, Denmark, Australia, Sweden and United Arab Emirates. The U.S. ranks ninth, the Netherlands 10th and Canada 11th.”

City takes aim at rich, famous like Alec Baldwin, Derek Jeter, who may be fibbing on where they live:
“Actor Alec Baldwin has joined a list of elite New Yorkers targeted by tax collectors who think they’re fibbing about where they really live to dodge New York City income taxes.”

Ryan Is Republican Point Man:
“When Rep. Paul Ryan delivers the Republican response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday, many viewers will get their first look at a man whom GOP leaders are trusting to manage a central policy issue—how to cut the federal budget—that could shape the party’s image for years.”


Antitrust bulldog Gary Reback pushes Google probe:
“In the 1990s, attorney Gary Reback helped goad the Department of Justice into launching the landmark antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft Corp. by hauling willing witnesses and damning information before any government body that would listen.”

Jesse Ventura Sues TSA in Pat-Down Smackdown:
“Former governor Jesse Ventura never shied away from a battle during his one term as Minnesota’s chief executive.”


Three SEIU Locals—Including Chicago Chapter—Waived From Obamacare Requirement:
“Three local chapters of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), whose political action committee spent $27 million supporting Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election, have received temporary waivers from a provision in the Obamacare law.”

Corruption: SEIU’s Chicago Chapter Gets Obamacare Waiver:
“Three local chapters of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU)–whose political action committee spent $27 million supporting Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election–have received temporary waivers from a provision in the Obamacare law.”

Transportation/ Land Use:

Republicans target high-speed rail cuts:
“California’s hugely ambitious and futuristic high-speed rail project will be front and center of the coming showdown between President Obama and House Republicans who are hell-bent on cutting domestic spending.”