Mortgage Bailout Bill Is Corporate Welfare

According to the Washington Post, provisions in the bloated mortgage bailout bill sailing through Congress were actually conceived as a way to aid politically-connected mortgage lenders — in essence, corporate welfare.   If that were widely-known, that would probably reduce public support for the bill, since the public opposes bailouts for lenders even more than bailouts for borrowers (although it strongly opposes both).  Another group that helped fashion the bill, according to the bill’s house sponsor Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts, were so-called “fair-housing” advocates — people who bully bank managers to make loans to people without good credit histories, in some cases by harassing their children at school, and in others by calling them racist or accusing them of racial discrimination if they refuse to make such loans.  The bill also contains pork and slush funds for left-wing special interest groups.  We’ve explained previously why the bill is a bad idea for taxpayers, homeowners, and the economy, and how it will give unaccountable agencies more ability to gamble with taxpayer money by issuing risky mortgages backed by the government.