Nanny State: No End in Sight?

It’s not just bottled water. It’s not just soda taxes. It’s not just fast food. There seems to be a never-ending crusade by big government do-gooders to chip away at the family budget and our personal freedoms. Why?  They think know what’s best for the rest of us.  As usual, California leads the way with this stupidity.  They’re now mandating that California automakers use “metallic reflective window glazing” on the windows of all new cars in the state starting 2012. Supposedly that will translate into drivers using less a/c, which will help save the planet from global warming. Wow. That’s even dumber than the state of Virginia’s law against certain levels of window tinting! But as Jon Fleischman notes on his blog, these laws are not only stupid, they are infectious—part of larger campaign to control how we live and where our money goes.

Photo Attribution: jeffwilcox’s photostream on flickr.