Nation of Islam’s Farrakhan: Obama Is “God-Given Leader”

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan says that President-elect Obama is a “God-given leader with extraordinary vision.” Farrakhan, who has drawn controversy for his racist and anti-semitic remarks (such as calling Judaism a “gutter religion” and saying that whites are satanic beings genetically engineered by an evil scientist during the Medieval Ages), “admitted he stayed quiet about his support for Mr Obama during the past few months out of fear his words would harm the Illinois senator’s bid for the White House.”

Ironically, Farrakhan has been more hopeful about what Obama’s election means for blacks than some of Obama’s own “inner circle,” like Harvard law professor Charles Ogletree. Ogletree, Obama’s top adviser on race, has minimized the racial significance of Obama’s election, saying that America remains a racist nation that will not vote for blacks, and that Obama’s election is possible only because he has white blood. (Contrary to Ogletree’s claim, Americans of all ideological persuasions have been voting for non-white candidates for decades).