NLRB Rules That Employees Have the Right to Be Disrespectful to Fellow Employees

The NLRB has ruled, once again, that a company’s employee handbook cannot require its employees to be courteous to fellow employees.

Bill McMorris of the Washington Free Beacon reports that,

A New York National Labor Relations Board judge ruled that a Hooters franchise cannot force its employees to act in a respectful manner toward customers, nor could managers punish employees for insubordination.

Alexis Hanson, a waitress at Hooters, confronted a coworker with a plethora of obscenities because the coworker allegedly rigged a bikini contest. After Hooters fired Hanson for the outburst, the NLRB not only ordered the company to rehire her with back-pay, but ordered the Hooters franchise to post a sign on their premises that read,

WE WILL NOT maintain or enforce a provision in our Employee Handbook that prohibits employees from being disrespectful to the Company, other employees, customers, partners, and competitors, posting no offensive language or pictures and no negative comments about the Company or coworkers of the Company.

As I have said before, these NLRB rulings are not only absurd at face value, but the legal precedents used to justify such decisions are based on equally ridiculous legal reasoning.

Time and time again, the Obama-appointed NLRB has clearly shown that it is biased against employers and common sense. The politically appointed NLRB cannot be trusted to impartially deliberate over labor disputes.