NLRB Undercuts its Own Employees’ Rights


The National Labor Relations Board has been the thorn in the side of employers nationwide. The federal labor agency has issued decisions and rules that defy common sense and make running a business an unpleasant proposition.

Under the Obama administration, all of the agency’s action (much of which are absurd) is done in the name of the worker. But in reality, the NLRB is working on behalf of Big Labor.

However, as picked up Jon Nadler, Labor/Employment attorney, and, the NLRB is getting a taste of its own medicine. On February 11, the NLRB was dinged by a Federal Labor Relations Authority administrative law judge for failing to bargain with its employees over office relocation, a violation of federal labor law. Like the very employers it disparages for noncompliance, the NLRB has a difficult time following the law and respecting employee rights.

While the NLRB has done everything in its power to reshape employment law in the favor of labor unions, in its own shop, it undermines employee/union rights—the exact rights that the agency is charged with upholding in the private-sector.

If the NLRB cannot respect the rights of its own employees, is it really capable of governing all private-sector labor relation disputes?

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