NVIDIA hearing held March 28

As I discussed on our Facebook page yesterday, I wasn’t given our full ten minutes to argue in the hearing, while Milberg and NVIDIA took well over ten minutes each to argue against the motion. This could mean Judge Ware didn’t care what I had to say, or it could mean that he wanted to give the other side the chance to exhaust every argument before ruling against them, or it could mean nothing at all or anything in between. The judge acknowledged the difference between a 17-inch screen and the smaller replacement computer screen. Judge Ware said he’d review the technical reports, so it seems that it will come down to which experts he believes. Will the judge see that Nader Bagherzadeh’s conclusions are dishonestly inconsistent with his own data or that Jon Peddie applied the wrong legal standard and contradicted his non-litigation positions? I don’t know, and I don’t know when the judge will rule. I have one case in Chicago where we’ve been waiting since October for a ruling, and a recent case in New Jersey where a ruling came in less than 24 hours.

Update: Court rules for NVIDIA. If you’re a class member with questions about the case, and why your attorneys argued against your own recovery, you need to talk to your attorneys at Milberg; I cannot help you.