NY Gov. Spitzer joins ranks of corn ethanol doubters

CEI is not the habit of praising Elliott Spitzer. Indeed, Spitzer won the number three spot in CEI’s report on the Top Ten Worst State Attorneys General. Nonetheless, I propose a toast to Gov. Spitzer for his sober doubts about the wisdom of government diverting massive quantities of grain stocks from food to auto fuel. According to SmartBrief, a biotech industry newsletter, “New York Gov. Elliot Spitzer’s aides say his administration does not plan to push corn-based ethanol with the same enthusiasm as his predecessor. His aides say the administration questions the use of vast resources for corn-based ethanol, saying it drives up food prices, may not be as energy efficient as other sources and poses air-quality concerns.” An article published in the April 23 issue of the Globe and Mail gives more detail. Alas, to obtain it, you must either subscribe or pay $4.95 plus tax.