October and November doings

In addition to our Supreme Court amicus and our MagSafe appellate brief, we’ve kept busy over the last two months.
  • We had oral arguments in the Second, Sixth, and Ninth Circuits on the Blessing v. Sirius XM, Pampers Dry Max, and HP Inkjet appeals. Only Inkjet is available online.
  • The district court ruled against us in Johnson & Johnson after some additional briefing; we’ve appealed, and (assuming that the court orders more than a token amount of attorneys’ fees; the fee award has not yet been made) will raise the question of first impression of whether securities lawyers who regularly rely upon the efficient market hypothesis can ask a court to rely upon an expert opinion contradicting it when it is inconvenient for their theory of attorney-fee recovery.
  • We filed our reply brief in the Online DVD appeal.
  • We filed our reply brief in the Texas Frontier Oil appeal over a $0 settlement, which has gotten some press attention. Oral argument is scheduled in Houston in January 16. I was a Bellaire debater, but this is my first time in a Texas court.
  • $2.7 million was paid to class members $3.93 at a time in the Classmates case. This is paltry, but more than the $56,000 or so class counsel was going to be happy with had we not successfully. objected. [Ars Technica]
We filed interesting objections in two new cases in California federal courts over the last few days, and I’ll discuss over the course of the week.