On May Day, Why Do We Still Have Unions?

Big Labor and Occupy are using May Day protests in hopes of reinvigorating their movements. Unions are digging up the same old talking points they trot out every Labor Day (in this case, the international Left’s version of Labor Day). To gain momentum, organized labor circulated propaganda around the Web. It reads, “On May Day, let’s hear it for Labor Unions: The folks who brought you the weekend, child labor laws, pension security, minimum wage protections, workers’ compensation…”

Big Labor’s message is misinformation. In the United States, only Congress has the ability to make law and that is what brought us the above stated “protections.” Further, Henry Ford brought us the weekend; Christian activists brought us child labor laws. As far as pension security, there is no such thing, unless you mean taxpayers paying for your early retirement. And minimum wage protections — protection from young people getting jobs, you mean? Worker’s compensation is a system ripe for abuse; insurance could do that job anyway.

 Even if Big Labor’s claims were true, that would just prove that unions have made themselves obsolete.