PATTERSON AND BROWN: Unions stack the deck against job creation

By Matt Patterson and Chrissy Brown, The Washington Times

If you build it, jobs will come.

That’s what Marylanders are being promised in the push to build a new casino, the state’s sixth, in Prince George’s County. County Executive Rushern L. Baker III, for example, claims that “the expansion of gaming into Prince George’s County is about the thousands of new jobs, millions of dollars in revenue to the state and county, and growing the travel and tourism industry in Prince George’s County.”

There’s no doubt Maryland could use the jobs. State unemployment has been creeping inexorably upward, reaching 7 percent in July (up from 6.7 percent in May). The state lost 8,100 jobs in June alone, with the construction industry among the hardest hit. So it makes sense for those behind the drive for another casino to sell it as a jobs program for Marylanders.

The problem is that this isn’t the whole truth. The proposed casino really is a jobs program for unions.