PATTERSON: June can’t come soon enough

The Washington Times

June is shaping up to be a pivotal month for American liberty. On one front, the Supreme Court is expected in June to hand down its decision on the constitutionality of Obamacare, specifically, the individual mandate provision of President Obama’s signature health care law, which requires Americans to purchase health insurance or face government sanction.

The stakes could not be higher: Should the court uphold the individual mandate, it effectively will have abolished the limited, constitutional republic the Founding Fathers created more than two centuries ago. The government of the United States will have undergone a paradigm shift. With no legal constraints on its power over the lives of its citizens, Obamacare will serve as precedent for an ever-expanding, ever-ravenous federal bureaucracy with license to dictate anything that may impact your health – in other words, everything. As Justice Antonin Scalia asked administration lawyers in March, “If the government can do this, what else can it not do?”