Podcast: Reforming #NeverNeeded Regulations

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Photo Credit: Getty

Mitch Kokai at the John Locke Foundation was kind enough to invite me on his HeadLocke Podcast to talk about #NeverNeeded regulations that are harming the pandemic response, and how to reform them. We discuss individual rules as well as the need to reform the rulemaking process itself that generates 3,000 or so new regulations each year.

The John Locke Foundation also has released a Rebound Plan for North Carolina, where the organization is based—the basketball reference is a nice touch. It contains COVID-related reform ideas for a variety of issues including health care, education, and of course, regulation. Many of the ideas can be applied in other states and at the federal level. It pairs well with CEI’s new 2020 edition of Ten Thousand Commandments.

The podcast is here. The Carolina Rebound Plan is here. Ten Thousand Commandments 2020 is here. And CEI’s #NeverNeeded site is here.