Public Forum Re-cap: Chattanooga, UAW & Free Markets

Work Place Choice’s Matt Patterson was invited to speak at a public event about the possible costs and consequences Tennessee might face should the United Auto Workers union successfully organize the Volkswagen auto plant in Chattanooga.

The event was organized by the Chattanooga-based group Citizens for Free Markets and was held on July 18, 2013. Other guest speakers included President of the Chattanooga Tea Party Mark West, former President of Manufacturing for VW Chattanooga Don Jackson, and labor economist Charles Van Eaton.

Below find videos and descriptions of each of the speakers’ presentations:

Matt Patterson discusses the devastating economic impact that the UAW had on Detroit’s auto industry and the city as a whole. Using a PowerPoint presentation (available as a PDF here), he explains why the potential UAW presence in Chattanooga is everyone’s business.

Don Jackson gives a moving personal account of his experiences at VW and explains the effect unionization would have on employers and employees, showing that the UAW is not necessary at the Chattanooga facility.

Charles Van Eaton discusses the difficulties of establishing the UAW’s proposed German-style works council in the United States. He demonstrates that the German model would be a difficult fit for U.S. labor law.

Citizens for Free Markets’ Mark West opens the event with a prayer and the pledge of allegiance.

The highly successful event had a great turnout and received much media attention. The event was covered through print media, radio and featured on TV. For links to all the press coverage click here.