RealClear Radio Hour: #BeTheNext

In this episode of RealClear Radio Hour—from the 2016 Young Americans for Liberty National Convention— Cliff Maloney leads a millennial revolution and Glenn Jacobs—aka WWE Wrestler Kane—shows his political face.

Up first is Cliff Maloney, Executive Director of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL). Cliff touts Ron Paul’s political enlivening of millennial voters and inspiring of YAL’s founding. He shares why campus “free speech zones” are anathema to a generation sympathetic to libertarian policy ideas and what they value in a political leader. 

My second guest this week is the towering Glenn Jacobs, WWE professional wrestler known in the ring as Kane, discussing wrestling and politics. While the once-struggling wrestling business has become a multi-million dollar affair known for high-production values, pioneering on-demand content, Jacobs argues that politics has turned into a low-rent sport for political elites eager to sink to new lows to gain power.  

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