RealClear Radio Hour: Budding CEOs, Women, and Politics

On this week’s episode, Jeff Sandefer tells how children younger than 10 are wowing Shark Tank investors and Sarah Skwire compares the feminism of free markets with the sexism of politics.

My first guest this week is Jeff Sandefer, co-founder and middle school teacher at the Acton Academy. Jeff shares his novel approach to education—emboldening children to be heroes on a hero’s journey. Sandefer recounts stories from the Acton Children’s Business Fair, and explains how children as young as five adeptly embrace entrepreneurship.

Up next Sarah Skwire, Senior Fellow at Liberty Fund, Literary Editor of, and poet, treats us to a wide-ranging discussion of markets, politics, and women. Sarah charts how markets have elevated and liberated women over the last century, while politics continues to hold them back—from proscriptive minimum wage laws and a tax code biased against working spouses to today’s rallying cries in support of political candidates based solely on gender solidarity.

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