RealClear Radio Hour: The War on Science and the Economy

Check out RealClear Radio Hour’s last episode with free market stalwarts John Tierney and Peter Wallison.

Up first is New York Times columnist and City Journal contributing editor John Tierney, discussing how the political left’s social science monoculture and the hyper-politicization of science has delivered disastrous results. From eugenics to hysteria over global warming, failed science policies are a result of confirmation bias and fatal conceit in today’s science dogma that doesn’t allow challenges to prevailing claims.

Wrapping up the show is Peter Wallison, senior fellow in financial policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute. He recommends strategies for the new administration to encourage economic growth and liberalization. Peter advocates curtailing the legacies of overregulation and the administrative state by dismantling Dodd-Frank and emboldening the judiciary to stand up to overreach instead of mandating strict agency deference.

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