Russia’s Frozen Poulty Ban — Not Likely a Path for WTO Membership

Russia will be banning frozen chicken imports beginning January 1. The reason for the proposed ban? The head of the Russian agency in charge of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare was quoted as saying, “It is an outdated and rough technology, which leads to a loss of many of the useful qualities of meat.”

Some domestic poultry producers in Russia are opposed to the ban, which would allow only chilled chicken to be sold in Russia. Of course, there are some, such as poultry producer and high-level Russian politician, Sergei Lisovsky, who supports the ban but wants it to go even further — to ban all imported chicken. In an interview reported by The Washington Post, Lisovsky said that the only reason imported chicken was allowed was to help Russia get admitted into the World Trade Organization. But then he was quoted as offering this seemingly contradictory argument: “Since we are not a member of WTO, why should we fulfill all these requirements?” he asked. “The quicker we stop fulfilling the WTO requirements, the quicker we’ll be allowed in.” Huh?

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