September doings

  • Groupon settlement rejected on cy pres grounds last week after our objection. The attorneys would have received $2.125 million, the class maybe a twentieth of that.
  • I argued the Baby Products case in the Third Circuit, and am cautiously optimistic for a good precedent in a case where the attorneys collected over $14 million and the class was due less than $3 million. Briefing.
  • The fairness hearing in Johnson & Johnson has been postponed until October 18. We filed two expert reports demonstrating that the plaintiffs had failed to present Daubert-satisfactory expert evidence in support of a claim that the $0 settlement provided “substantial benefit” to shareholders.
  • The Ninth Circuit, relying on opinions from two CCAF victories, struck down a settlement on cy pres grounds in Dennis v. Kellogg September 4, also holding that an attorneys’ 38.9% share of a settlement ($2 million in this case) would be “clearly excessive.”
  • The Center filed with the IRS for stand-alone 501(c)(3) status. I’d like to express tremendous gratitude to everyone at Donors’ Trust for all they did to incubate us.