Spitzer Cites Hoax as Resource for Parents

Eliot Spitzer, 3rd worst state attorney general in 2006 according to a CEI report by Hans Bader, is showing just how incompetent he can be in his latest actions against the gaming industry.   Spitzer, now governor of New York, recently fully endorsed a presentation assembled by the New York Department of Justice that recommend parents visit several sites to learn more about violence in video games.  Among those sites, however, was a well-known hoax site created by a design student to mock just this kind of hype surrounding video games.  Mothers Against Videogame Addiction and Violence is on its face farcical, an error that speaks volumes about the brainpower behind this presentation.


I’ve already blogged on this topic at TechLiberation.com, but a new development has happened today.  GamePolitics.com, who originally broke the story, now reports that Spitzer has ordered the fake site removed from the 20 minute presentation, largely thanks to the GP post.  Congrats to GP and all of its loyal readers for taking action against such an absurd act on the part of the government of New York.

Perhaps it’s time to assemble a top ten worst governors list, or at least a list of completely incompetent moves by bureaucrats.