Stimulus Money Went to Prisoners and Dead People

17,000 prison inmates received checks courtesy of the $800 billion stimulus package, notes the Associated Press.  $18 million in checks went to dead people.

The stimulus also contained giveways to wealthy trial lawyers, who are some of the biggest donors to liberal politicians.  It expanded welfare and largely repealed welfare reform.  It has paid for abandoned bridges to nowhere and unnecessary government buildings in cities with rapidly shrinking populations.

The Obama administration claims the stimulus created or saved lots of jobs, but those jobs exist only in their imagination.  The administration’s own web site showed tens of thousands of phantom stimulus jobs being created in 440 imaginary congressional districts.

As noted earlier, the stimulus package actually destroyed thousands of real world jobs by triggering trade wars that killed jobs in America’s export sector (for example, the stimulus package barred a measley 97 Mexican truckers from U.S. roads, a minor NAFTA violation that triggered massive Mexican retaliation against U.S. exports of 40 farm products and kitchen goods worth $2.4 billion).   Unemployment rose rapidly after passage of the stimulus package.