Stop the Presses: More Private Health Care in Canada?

It can’t be true.  Canada, that paragon of health equality, the place where all health shortages are shared and shared alike, might have more private health care in the future.  At least, that’s what Robert Ouellet, head of the Canadian Medical Association, wants.

Reports the Globe and Mail:

The natural next step for Canada’s health system is allowing more private delivery, which will give patients more choice, and better access to care, the new president of the Canadian Medical Association says.

“My whole career has been about resolving access issues. This is my battle horse,” said Robert Ouellet, who takes over today as president of the CMA.

“Private delivery is an accepted practice everywhere in the world and it’s time Canada accepted this reality.”

A radiologist by training, Dr. Ouellet, 62, owns and operates five medical imaging clinics in suburban Montreal. He is an unabashed promoter of private-sector delivery of medical care and keen to introduce more competition into Canada’s health-care system, and he knows this will make him a lightning rod for criticism.

Hasn’t anyone told Dr. Ouellet that Canadians are supposed to be proud of their lengthy waiting lists?