Student Eye Opener

Cheers to Dewey Crowley for his eye-opening article in the Bowdoin College paper The Bowdoin Orient. His piece on bottled water should be mandatory reading for anyone who wants the skinny on bottled water.

He notes:

“We hear a lot of complaints against the bottled water industry. However, we rarely hear about the thousands of cases of water sent from Polar Beverages to help victims of Katrina, the hundreds of cases sent to UMass Amherst when their public water supply was contaminated and the numerous cases donated to Bowdoin’s Relay For Life.”

Very true. Crowley also points out some less recognized benefits that bottled water companies have on communities. He explains:

“Poland Springs has invested in Maine in good and bad economic times. As mentioned earlier, they employ 800 Maine residents with good job benefits and have invested almost half a billion dollars of capital in Maine since 1992. They pay $40 million annually in payroll and $65 million to Maine vendors.”

The piece offers many other insights. Check it out!