Support by Donating to CEI

You can now donate to the Competitive Enterprise Institute here on the blog.  You can setup recurring donations of $5, $10, or $20 per month or, if you prefer, give us a one-time donation of an amount of your choice.

On principle, CEI accepts no taxpayer money, such as government grants. We couldn’t ask for government to stop regulating, taxing, and manipulating our lives if we received such support.  So, we must rely on the donations of our corporate partners, foundations, and thousands of individual donors.  You can join those thousands and help to stop government power from creeping into our lives.

If you’re one of the millions of Americans outraged about corporate bailouts, special favors for connected businesses, politicians running roughshod over the Constitution, and regulators trying to micromanage every part of our lives then you should consider donating to the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

We believe that consumers and businesses alike are better off when there’s more competition, not more government.  More government means more special favors for politicians to hand out, greater corruption in Washington, more red tape for America’s entrepreneurs struggling to get their businesses off the ground, more chances for our rights to be violated, and a system that serves those who are politically connected, not those who produce real value.

Competition rewards those who create, innovate, invent, break down barriers, and create a richer society.  Competition also ensures that when things fail, they fade away.  A failed company goes bankrupt, a failed government program sees its budget quickly increased.

With your support the Competitive Enterprise Institute can continue to fight the growth of government and give power back over to free people competing in a free marketplace.

For those who have already given, thank you.  If you can still help out, we thank you for your continued support.

For more information on giving to CEI, visit our support page.