Thanks to Students for Liberty at UTC!

WorkplaceChoice would like to thank Students for Liberty at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga for joining the “Save Chattanooga” campaign.

As a “pro-liberty group on campus whose purpose is to promote liberty throughout the Chattanooga community,” SFL at UTC has joined forces with Work Place Choice in its mission to educate the citizens of Tennessee about the potential consequences of UAW unionization.

In their recent blog post, SFL at UTC reviews the history of the UAW and the harm it has done to the auto industry, particularly in Detroit. The student-run group expresses its strong belief that “[UAW] unionization of any of these plants will be detrimental to each city’s economy.”

SFL at UTC is barely 4 months old, yet it is passionately partaking in the liberty movement through various activities, such as bake sales, and by joining WPC’s “Save Chattanooga” campaign. The group will continue to grow as it becomes more and more influential both on campus, and throughout Chattanooga as a whole.

WPC is happy to have SFL at UTC on board. Keep up the great work!