Thanksgiving and the Looming Obesity Lawsuit

With the trial bar hovering around your house, ready to file an obesity lawsuit on behalf of the guests on whom you have forced slices of gravy covered turkey, mountains of mashed potatoes, and huge pieces of pie buried in ice cream, can you afford to do without a liability waiver? The Center for Consumer Freedom has come to your rescue. They have prepared a liability and indemnification agreement just for Thanksgiving!

Once your guest signs, he or she cannot collect even if you provided no nutritional information, didn’t warn about the dangers of overeating, provided no “healthy” food as an alternative, and, of course, didn’t point out that porking out would contribute to obesity. Can you really trust that brother-in-law who, truth be told, you never liked? Or your cousin who is attending law school and taking torts class?

Don’t go naked. Download your liability agreement today.