The Boring EU: Sending Itself Into Space

If you go to Brussels you see how seriously the Eurocrats take their mission to bureaucratize the entire continent.  It is as bad as Washington, D.C.  Worse, actually, since at least the U.S. is a country and most people view themselves as Americans.  But the only way the Eurocrats can consolidate a government in Brussels is by preventing anyone from voting on it.  Only Ireland out of 27 European Union members allowed its people to vote on the treaty/constitution, and they voted no.  So now the Eurocrats spend half their time dreaming up strategems to force the Irish into line.

The other half of the time they try to figure out to look less boring.  Worried about declining turnout fot the European parliamentary elections, the EU has come up with a brainstorm:  send some ballots up into space!  Yes!  That will excite the Europeans!  No more BORING!!

Reports the Times of London:

Fearing another abysmal turnout in next year’s European Union elections, the European parliament spin doctors have hit upon a solution — blast a ballot box into outer space.

Officials confirmed last week that talks are under way to send a ballot box into orbit ahead of next June’s poll, as part of a £21m public relations contract to boost the image of Brussels.

Turnout in the 2004 elections hit a low of 45.6% across the 25 nations. Only 38.9% of British people made it to the polls.

With the prospect of even greater apathy next year, Eurocrats have hired German PR firm Scholz & Friends, a company that was previously in charge of revamping Germany’s “boring” image during the 2006 World Cup.

I’m skeptical.  But maybe if they send some Eurocrats up into space, never to return … now there’s an idea to excite the European people.