The Dues and Don’ts of Government Union Life

dues and donts screencap

This year, the U.S. Supreme Court will rule on the issue of whether state and local government employees can be forced to pay union dues in exchange for a job. The case is Janus v. AFSCME Council 31, and the outcome will have a huge impact on public workers’ rights to free speech and association. 

CEI released a video explaining how government unions impact workers. No worker should be forced to financially support a union to speak and bargain on their behalf with the government. All hard-working men and women should be able to determine how to spend their earnings, not forced to pay a union they may not want to join. Learn more about Janus v. AFSCME here.



Gov Worker: “Well congratulations there newbie, the government job is all yours! Ok, hours are 9-5pm – I don’t come in early and I never stay late…”

Potential new hire: “OK… But I still have a few more questions about the benefits…”

Gov Worker: “Man, we got a pension, paid vacation, and plenty of sick leave… i’m sick a lot, if you catch my drift… [WINK] Oh, and union membership is included… we just deduct it from the old paycheck. Piece of cake.”

Potential new hire: “Wait – what do you mean…So, I AM paying for it?! What if I don’t want to join a union?”

Gov Worker: “Good news, you don’t have to.”

Potential new hire: “But I still have to pay?”

Gov Worker: “Yepper.”

Potential new hire: “That makes no sense.”

Gov Worker: “Cents, dollars, either way it’s coming out of your paycheck.. [WINK]”

Potential new hire: “let me get this straight, even if I don’t join the union, I still have to pay dues?? I heard union dues are used for political activity.

Gov Worker:​ “We don’t CALL it “political activity,” we just lobby the government for things that we want… and we’re pretty good at it, because you know we work in the system.”

Potential new hire: “That’s literally the definition of political activity.”

Gov Worker:​ … 

Potential new hire: “I think I’d just like to work for myself and decide where my money goes.”

Gov Worker:​ ​”And I’d like my wife to stop asking me to put the seat down, but that ain’t happening either!”

Potential new hire: “ugh…”

The Supreme Court can strike a victory for worker freedom in Janus v. AFSCME Council 31. No worker should be forced to pay a government union in exchange for a job.