Trump State of the Union Response: Double Down on Cutting Red Tape

CEI President Kent Lassman gave the following response to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address delivered on January 30, 2018:

The economy is improving and Americans around the country are feeling it. To further this progress and help those who are still struggling, the Trump administration should double down on regulatory reform efforts that are helping ensure that economic opportunity can reach every hardworking family and community. This means continuing to lift government burdens from workers and job creators so that they can create a better tomorrow.

We must get government out of the way of the people who design, build, and transport things so they can do their jobs smarter, faster, and cheaper. There are far too many government regulations and agencies that do nothing but generate paperwork and headaches. Cutting red tape, so talented individuals can thrive, will help put the long-term roar back into the economy.

At CEI, we remain concerned about President Trump’s infrastructure plan and his trade policies. The overwhelming majority of infrastructure in this country is private, and rather than wasting billions on shovel-ready projects, lawmakers should prioritize the highest-value investments needed in communities, incentivize localities to maintain their existing infrastructure, and remove barriers to credit for these projects. We also need to go back to the basics on U.S. trade policy. Foreign competition is not the primary threat to American industry. Instead of tariffs, the Trump administration should focus on reforming laws that distort markets. Trade treaties should be about trade, not special interests, and favor consumers over producers.

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