Two Decades of Regulatory Growth

Over at The American Spectator, Wayne Crews and I marvel at how much the regulatory state has grown over the last twenty years. We also offer up a few ideas for reform:

One is an independent Regulatory Reduction Commission, modeled after the successful Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Commission of the 1990s, which trimmed billions of dollars’ worth of unneeded military spending. Every year, this commission would comb through the books for old, obsolete, harmful, and redundant rules. It would then submit an annual repeal package to Congress for a prompt up-or-down vote with no amendments allowed. This would prevent vote-trading along the lines of “I’ll vote to save your favorite regulation if you vote to save mine.”

The Regulatory Reduction Commission would continue to submit repeal packages every year for as long as necessary.

Read the whole thing here.