Union Infringes on Freedom of Speech and Disses Military

While setting up for an Obama rally in California, the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) Local 33 fired, Duane Hammet, a stagehand union member for wearing a Bush sweatshirt and hat. The Hammet says the union showed him the door because his clothing had Bush on it.

The “Bush” in reference was not either president but The George H.W. Bush, the aircraft carrier. Hammet was wearing the sweatshirt as a tribute to his son, who is serving on board.  In the video Hammet claims he tried to explain the situation to his bosses but they would not listen.

If the allegation are true, Hammet deserves an apology from the union as do the men and women serving on  The George H.W. Bush.

Here’s a video report: