Union Sign Shows Big Labor Distaste for Competition

UAW local 599 President Bill Jordan misses the forest for the trees, as is typical for union officials. A photo from the Carpe Diem blog shows a sign from the UAW local parking reading, “Only American-Union Made Automobiles, Trucks & Motorcycles Are Allowed In This Parking Lot. Violators Will Be Towed.”

This photo portrays the mindset of Big Labor perfectly and why union membership is on the decline. Union officials do not have in mind the best interests of their members, workers in general, or the overall U.S. economy. For the working class and the economy, any production of automobiles is positive no matter if the cars are union-made. The more production of foreign cars in America is good for the economy, creates jobs, and increases competition. The working man does not care if he is employed by a foreign automaker that is not unionized. A job is a job and in these times that is what Americans want. As seen from the union membership decline, the working class does not believe joining a union is necessary for a well-paying job with good working conditions.

Big Labor consistently lobbies for anti-business policy or in this case unions are just against business other than their own. Unions should be immense proponents of free-market policies. How can union officials support job killing policy when, devoid of business, there could be no unions? A coalition between business and unions should be strong. Without a strong economy and prosperous corporations, it is harder to unionize those firms.

However, these kinds of actions have become associated with unions. Similar to the NLRB/Boeing showdown, union greed distracts unions from their true purpose: supporting the working class.