University of Socialism to be Founded by Iran, Venezuela

Working at a think tank you hear a lot of complaints about America’s left-leaning universities and professors and their hostility to free market ideas.  These claims are largely true of the academy in America, but the academy in Venezuela is about to get much, much worse.

According to, Hugo Chavez is working with Iran to establish the “University of Civilizations,” which will be dedicated to the development and discussion of “21st century socialism.”

I wonder how the 21st century variety of socialism will differ from the 20th century kind.  During the last century socialism led to famine, starvation, war, and the near collapse of civilization in many parts of the world (see Russia, China, South America, Southeast Asia).  Ironic then that the “University of Civilizations” will be perpetuating this ideology that has failed to massively in so many places.

Chavez’s adoption of socialism as his mission is a cover for the thuggery of his regime.  Chavez has stolen, or should I say “nationalized,” property to prop up his regime and threatened anyone who stands in his way.  Ironically, that propping up was paid for by capitalists developing the oil resources of his country before he turned it into a dictatorship.

I wish Mr. Chavez and his highly esteemed Iranian friends the best of luck with their school.  I’m sure the theft, thuggery, and mass murder courses will be quite popular with the students.