Walker, Wisconsin Ranger (Strikes Again)


It’s almost too beautiful to believe.

In this era of ever-expanding government power, of rising and risible rapacity in the federal Leviathan, can it really be the case that, on the state level, at least, significant victories for liberty are not only possible, but achieved and strengthened?

So it would seem, as the powerful government/union two-headed beast continues to reel from ferocious assault by bold governors in MichiganIndianaWisconsin and elsewhere.

This last is perhaps most significant.  Wisconsin, after all, was the birthplace of public-sector unionism in the United States; the powerful American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) can trace its origins back to the Badger State in 1932.

And yet, here Gov. Scott Walker successfully pushed a budget repair bill in 2011 in part designed to loosen the grip of public unions on the state’s purse strings, a grip that was driving up the cost of government to Wisconsin taxpayers.