Want Medical Care in Britain? Call the Papers!

Great Britain’s vaunted National Health Service denied a 61-year-old woman a heart operation because she was too old.  Can’t waste the money!

But then the media got involved.  Reports the Daily Mail:

However late yesterday, following media interest in Mrs Simpson’s plight, the PCT backed down and agreed to fund her treatment.

Medical director Dr David Geddes apologised to Mrs Simpson for the “distress” caused by the delay.

He said: “We have reviewed the case in the light of the additional clinical information and national guidance and, as Mrs Simpson fits the clinical criteria, we have agreed funding for her treatment.”

“All decisions are taken on individual clinical needs; we do not discriminate on the grounds of age.

“Our procedures exist to ensure fair decision-making, based on clinical evidence, for all our patients.”

 Of course.  Just an innocent mistake.

Remind me again why we should nationalize health care in America …